Lip filler

It is an effective procedure with small injections. Lips are one of the most important parts of the face, both aesthetically and functionally. Hyaluronic acid fillers have been specially developed for use on lips due to their dense vascular structure and the fact that they are the most active areas of our face.
Who can have lip fillers?
It is a procedure that can be done to anyone who wants lip augmentation. The most commonly used; Its purpose is to plump the lips, shape the lips and emphasize the lip contour. It can also be used to correct lip asymmetry, eliminate thin lip lines and reduce sagging lip edges.

Lip filler application

Before lip augmentation is applied, a cream with an anesthetic (local numbing) effect is usually applied and left for 15-20 minutes. The injection process starts with a very fine-tipped needle. The application takes about 10-15 minutes, after the application you can return to your social life.

The average duration of lip filler application is 1 year. The non-permanent filler containing hyaluronic acid used during the application process is absorbed by the body and disappears over time, allowing the lips to return to their pre-operative state.
In this application, which aims to enlarge and shape the lips and have fuller lips, non-permanent, temporary dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used as filling material. This filler placed inside the lips is absorbed by the body and disappears within 12 months, so we can say that it is effective for up to 6 – 12 months.

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